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The building is a typical square-based, early 20th century leather factory. Architecturally speaking, the challenge was to recover a historical building which was very well embedded in its territory.
The rooms overlook a courtyard, which is both circumscribed and open to the surrounding area. School and recreational activities are organized around this "square", where people gather, sharing experiences and activities.
Piazza dei Mestieri is a 7,000 sq m facility integrating various training, cultural, recreational, working and social activities; besides these, other activities connected to its functioning coexist: commercial, directorial, managerial and administrative.


Fondazione Piazza dei Mestieri
Via Jacopo Durandi, 13
10144 - Torino (Italy)

Tel.: (0039)
Fax: (0039)

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Piazza dei Mestieri - Torino

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Piazza dei Mestieri 1

Piazza dei Mestieri 2

In 2009 the building on the opposite side of the street was acquired. This is a warehouse which belonged to the tannery "Concerie Fiorio". The aim was to turn it into a centre of excellence for innovation, production and multimedia training, devoted to different activities, but always sharing the fundamental operative view: the excellence of production and the fundamental role of experiencing real work to learn a skill.
This project was made possible not only thanks to subsidies from private foundations, but also from EU structural funds. Since the European Regional Development Fund aims to strengthen the European Union's economic and social cohesion, its investments are channelled into specific priority areas, such as innovation and research.
Piazza dei Mestieri 2, "Centre for innovation, production and multimedia training" was opened in October 2011. It features IT classrooms, a projection room, a recording room, traditional classrooms and offices.
Later on several innovative firms established themselves in the building, namely the Experimental Centre for Cinematography (CSC), the architectural firm "De Luca Talmon Architetti Associati", Network Casaclima Piemonte e Valle d'Aosta, ISLM, Cosvifor and M4C. Besides these companies, the space also hosts the I.T.S. Foundation - Information and Communication Technologies.
Once again, the goal is to team up for the common good and to create a place where training meets the real needs of businesses in the world of work.

Piazza dei Mestieri
Via Jacopo Durandi, 10
10144 - Torino (Italy)

Tel.: (0039) 011 - 037.15.00

+39 011.037.  

Piazza dei Mestieri 2

Piazza dei Mestieri 2 - Map

Piazza dei Mestieri 2


Piazza dei Mestieri 3 - Catania

Piazza dei Mestieri
c/o IPAB Santa Maria del Lume
Corso IV Novembre, 77
95122 - Catania

Tel.: (0039) 095 - 73.11.557095 - 73.11.5   
Fax: (0039) 095 - 36.27.62

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Piazza dei Mestieri - Catania

Piazza dei Mestieri 3 - Catania - Map

Piazza dei Mestieri - Catania

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